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A flexible sigmoidoscopy allows examination of the lining of your colon and rectum (the large intestine). This is performed with a flexible fiber-optic tube about the size of your finger. Sigmoidoscopy is able to evaluate the last third of your colon as compared to a colonoscopy, which looks at the entire colon.

Why have a sigmoidoscopy?
Sigmoidoscopy is typically performed to evaluate your colon for polyps. Polyps are abnormal growths in the colon that are typically benign (non- cancerous). Polyps can eventually become malignant (cancerous0 and therefore your doctor may sample or remove any polyps seen during your sigmoidoscopy. If you have large or multiple polyps your doctor will likely recommend you proceed with a full colonoscopy.

What type of preparation is involved?
Your doctor will give you specific instructions prior to your procedure but the preparation typically includes one or two enemas as well as dietary changes. Your doctor will give you specific instructions on which prep is right for you. It is very important to follow the instructions carefully as your colon needs to be clean for an accurate and complete examination.

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